HopsonMedia was initially launched in December 2007 by Nicolas Hopson, a graduate from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco (Class of 2007).

Nic obtained a BFA degree in Film Making with emphasis in Cinematography & Public Relations and has worked on a wide range of projects as a camera operator, director, editor and producer, amongst others. 

Nic specializes in cameras, lenses, filters and lighting, though his affinity for media developing has taken him to the world of non-linear editing and motion graphics. Media 100, Final Cut Pro X, AVID and Adobe Creative Suite, including After Effects are some of the elements in Nic's toolkit, in addition to his versatility and creativity behind the camera.

Nic has submitted shorts to the Epidemic Film Festival, Reel to Reel Film Festival , and the Tiburon International Film Festival.


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